About Us

Bright Sprouts is a place where parents and educators can find the best resources for curated learning activities, complete with practical worksheets.

We aim to provide the tools and support you need to instill a love of learning in your children. Learning is an endless journey, and kids need time to be curious and creative as they explore themselves and the world around them. 

As parents and educators, we play a crucial role in creating an environment enriched with experiences, allowing children to develop a positive relationship with learning. Learning should be personal, hands-on, and engaging. Our goal is to equip you with the resources necessary to foster curious learners.

Learning comes naturally when our kids feel confident in their abilities. Positive parenting plays a significant role in helping kids grow into capable learners. Here at Bright Sprouts, we not only hope you’ll find fun activities and learning tools but also insightful tips to cultivate strong relationships that help build resilient children.

Our Team

Our Team

Meg Tibayan, Co-Founder

As a dedicated homeschooling mom to two wonderful boys, Meg brings her personal experience and passion for forward-thinking education to help parents and teachers nurture young minds.

Lisa Holliman, Contributing Writer

Lisa has been teaching and writing curriculum for 12 years at an innovative private school in MS. She has two small boys who love to learn and try new things.

Caitlin van Wyk, Contributing Writer

Caitlin is a freelance writer and a mother of two wild boys. She is passionate about offering support and educational content for parents as they navigate the highs and lows of raising kids.